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Go West, Young Editor!

Though it has been an impending chapter of my life's story for over two years now, and in the last six months I've been quietly preparing myself by investing more into my business, I still feel a mite unprepared to share that a change of enormous proportions is coming to Greythorne Edits.

Fortunately, it's not one that will affect my clients (apart from a brief break so I can get myself moved, of course). Your novels will still be copyedited and short stories proofread; however, I will no longer be performing these tasks from Tennessee, where I have been based since 2017.

I am moving West; I hear there's "gold in them thar hills," and it's where I'll be planting roots for the next few years. While the rolling, tree-topped mountains of the South will always be home, I'm beyond excited to experience new horizons and discover opportunities lying a little closer to the border.

Without the support of the authors who continue to bring me their stories to polish, I wouldn't be able to undertake this massive transition. I'm incredibly grateful to all of you!

Despite the looming shadow that 2020 brought to our lives, and the changes that have resulted, I'm here and hopeful that 2021 is going to prove the best year in publishing yet.

Fortes fortuna adiuvat!

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