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At age eight, after reading every age-appropriate book in the house, I decided to become a writer.


Glitter pen and college-ruled notebook in hand, I crafted a tale about a courageous chicken escaping from a life of terror on an Arkansas farm. Plot holes were plentiful and spelling subpar, but when I finally scribbled "The End" on the final page and closed the cover, I determined my task complete. It was ready to sit proudly next to its literary peers on the living room shelf, with an illustrated edition due the following summer.

While writing remains a hobby and perhaps a profession one day, I discovered, as the years passed, that my passion for stories was not limited to my tales alone. I've always loved words themselves, the building blocks a craftsman arranges to create a masterpiece. It's a form of magic, truly--the way a writer can choose a series of words that convey anything, from muted hues in a space-age sky to the heartbreak of elven lovers parted by time.


Your job as an author is to paint the vibrant picture; mine, professionally since 2017, is to mark it with a red pen. Grammatical errors or story inconsistencies are noisy interruptions to even the most inspired narrative. I am here to keep those distractions at bay.


I wear a multitude of gauntlets these days, including copywriter, editor, and proofreader. My clients have ranged from small businesses with web articles to award-nominated authors with full-length novels. I have taken multiple courses in English and journalism, as well as training in the Chicago Manual of Style, and am currently in the process of formalizing my education at the University of California, San Diego. Reasonable rates and quick turnarounds are essential for the publication process, and I prioritize meeting my customers' budgets and schedules.


As a creator contributing to the writing community, I'm excited to work with my fellow wordsmiths on fine-tuning their art. Let's take your novel to the next level together.

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